About Us

Dajiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech company dedicates on tray sealer, vacuum packing equipment, vacuum skin packing equipment, and solutions of intelligent assembly line. Since established, we have been persisting on original invention and development of food preservation technology as well as professional manufacturing and selling. Our decades-long effort has earned us excellent word of mouth among the industry.

Dajiang’s products are exported to over 20 countries and areas among the world. In long-term co-operation with our loyal customers, not only have we learned their rigorous working attitude, but also mature technology and experience in the field of food preservation. To progress together with our clients, is one of the most important prospects of Dajiang.

Mission Statement

With strong base of self-developed high-end technology, Dajiang aims to create high quality and stable products; with sincere and humble attitude, we provide the most professional solutions and service. Dajiang believes that, great quality, smart technology and impeccable service system together create the greatest value for our clients.

Staff Care

Dajiang’s staff comes from all over China. Every year, we provide high-quality job opportunities for Chinese society. We respect our employees as individual and provide them humanistic care to the greatest extend. We regularly organize professional training, field trips, and help them create reasonable career path. Dajiang values diversity and flexibility in workspace. We believe that every individual staff is the ultimate vitality of a company. Sense of belonging and high motive from our staff is the root that ensures healthy operation of Dajiang.

Social Responsibility

As a leading figure in Chinese industry of food preservation equipment, Dajiang insists on business ethics in order to create better market environment. In manufacture process, we persist to develop original design and concept. We provide our workers safe and environmental friendly working space. Along with our awareness on social employment, environment, copyright and human right issue, we develop our products and service to the highest standard. We truly hope that, with Dajiang’s participation, Chinese food preservation industry will grow towards a brighter future.