Fully automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine D-780

Product details

Schneider Electrical Components in France

High precision gas mixer

Omron OMRON human-machine interface touch screen

Real time fault prompt system


A simple cleaning system makes the equipment more hygienic and convenient!

Intermittent contact heating, more stable temperature control system!

Low power consumption, continuous working state power consumption is only 1 kWh/hour!

One machine with multiple functions, quick and interchangeable molds, minimizing owner investment!

Novel conveying technology makes it possible for small equipment to achieve high production capacity!

The equipment only covers an area of 2.7 square meters, saving space occupation and controlling site costs!

The deep penetration of IoT technology enables the intelligent informatization of devices to be achieved!

High temperature resistant polymer sealing hot plate, better sealing effect and longer hot plate life!

Equipment size(mm)2750×980×1610
Equipment weight(kg)510
Working air pressure(Mpa)
Actual production capacity (box/h)1400
Maximum diameter of roll film(mm)

Regarding production capacity description:

The measured production capacity expression is based on the specification of the support box being L224mm × W133 × Based on the data obtained from H60, changes in tray specifications will affect the actual production capacity of the equipment!

Definition of measured production capacity:

The measured production capacity refers to the actual production capacity that can be achieved by the modified atmosphere packaging equipment in the production workshop of the user, based on actual environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) and actual packaging materials operation, under the premise that the front-end material filling and uninterrupted supply and packaging effect (gas replacement rate, mixing accuracy, sealing quality) meet the requirements, and the equipment is the measured production capacity!

Note: The above technical requirements are based on the group standard T/CMATB 6002.1-2020 "Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Meat and Meat Products" implemented in October 2020!