Provide technical support for the operation of retail platforms and food enterprises

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Provide technical support for the operation of retail platforms and food enterprises






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Privacy Agreement

Platform Information Submission - Privacy Agreement

● Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy, personal data, and personal information provided by you when using this website (collectively referred to as "Personal Data"). To ensure that we comply with the highest standards of laws and regulations related to personal data privacy and consumer protection in the collection, use, storage, and transmission of personal data. To ensure that you have full confidence in the handling of personal data on this website, you must carefully read and understand the provisions of the privacy policy. This website (hereinafter referred to as "us") respects and protects user privacy, especially if you use this website, it will be deemed as acceptance, consent, commitment, and confirmation of this privacy agreement; You voluntarily disclose personal information to us with the necessary consent; You will comply with any modifications to this privacy policy; You agree that our relevant business personnel may contact you regarding products and services that you may be interested in (unless you have expressed that you do not want to receive such messages). With your consent, we will collect, manage, and monitor the types of personal data collected.

1. Applicable scope

Providing users with better, better, and more personalized services is our persistent pursuit, and we also hope that the services we provide can be more convenient for your needs. This privacy policy applies to all information collection services provided by this website. Your access to this website and use of the services provided by this website are subject to this privacy policy.

2. What information do we collect

In order to provide you with our various services, you need to provide personal information, including personal data and unnamed information, including but not limited to: personal data (your name, gender, age, date of birth, phone number, fax number, address or mailing address, email address, etc.).

3. How do we use the collected information

The purpose and purpose of collecting personal and anonymous data are as follows: to provide you with our various services through this website; When you use our website, you can identify and confirm your identity; Provide you with the services designed for you when using this website; The relevant business personnel of this website can contact you when needed; Make it more convenient for you to use this website; The personal data and unnamed data you provide to us will only be retained until the purpose of collection has been achieved, unless it continues to be retained due to applicable laws and regulations. The ownership and disclosure of personal data. All information collected on our website is owned by us and will not be rented or sold to any unrelated third party.

4. How do we protect information

For the protection of personal data, we implement appropriate physical, electronic, and management measures to protect and ensure the security of your personal data. We strive to ensure that any personal data collected through this website is free from any interference from third parties unrelated to us. The security measures we have taken are not limited to: physical measures: records containing your personal information will be stored in a locked place. Electronic measures: computer data containing your personal information will be stored on computer systems and storage media subject to strict login restrictions. Management measures: Only authorized personnel can access your personal information, These employees are required to comply with our internal rules on personal data confidentiality. If you are aware of any security vulnerabilities on this website, please contact us promptly so that we can take appropriate action as soon as possible; Despite the implementation of the above security measures, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of data transmission on the internet. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the personal data and unnamed data you provide to us through this website are always secure. We are not responsible for any unauthorized access to your personal data, and we are not responsible for compensating for any losses or damages incurred or caused in this regard.

5. Law on the Protection of Minors

Minors who provide personal information to this website without the approval or consent of any parents or guardians should promptly contact the phone numbers and customer service numbers displayed on this website to ensure that the information is removed.

6. Revision and Effectiveness of Privacy Policy

As the service scope of this website expands, we may revise the "Legal Declaration and Privacy Policy" in a timely manner, which forms part of this "Legal Declaration and Privacy Policy". To avoid you not being informed of such revisions in a timely manner, please read this "Legal Notice and Privacy Policy" frequently. Regardless of the method, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.